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Lizzy Stewart talks us through her work process…

LS_the Lions Laugh web

‘The way I work varies but currently I am mostly drawing in pencil and colouring in PhotoShop. This way I can avoid accidental spills and splashes (a professional hazard) and spend an age working through every possible colour combination imaginable!

This is the process I went through to create my ‘Lions Laugh’ image. From the original pencil drawing I gradually layer up colours and textures (from scanned pieces of old paper) until I’m satisfied\exhausted. In this case the plan was, originally, to just do the Lion but when he was done I decided he needed something colourful to perk him up. The birds were added one by one, colouring as I went, until I decided the image looked as celebratory as possible. Et Voila!’

LS_lion process

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